Content Marketing - Inform and Convert

12/17/2014 03:18:00 am Bevan Givens 3 Comments

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the delivery of information and business practice to the public with the intention of creating trust through clarity, in turn triggering the interest of prospective customers allowing you to move onto the next marketing step, converting that interest into a viable lead.

It can be delivered via blog posts (much like this one), regular newsletters or on page website articles. Infographics are an interesting playful way to inform users about developments in products and services.

Traditional Publicity VS Content Marketing

Today consumers are becoming more 'shut off' to a direct marketing approach. How many times have you shouted at the TV, 'bloody adverts!' or have been surfing the web and found your browsing hindered by third party advertisement and/or external links to pages of no relevance, attempting to pillage your attention, frustrating you further.

We all feel the same, therefore why would you think that marketing your own product or service this way will benefit your business.

Information is key, everyone wants to make an informed decision when preparing to enter into a contract or purchase. Though, offering the required knowledge, with no obligation to purchase or receive revenue seems counter productive. Therefore you must be careful to offer the 'theory' behind your practices backed up by reliable sources and not explain the 'mechanism' in too much depth, this will bore the reader. It will also allow you to retain some of the required information to carry out the task correctly. Its not as though Levi Roots gives you the secret ingredients to his famous Reggae Reggae Sauce, but he does publish interesting recipes that includes the use of it, creating ideas around the product, sparking the public's imagination.

This is not something you should completely outsource to a third party, it is better overseen in house by somebody with a competent flare to communicate. The Web Design Shop can advise you on the best online platforms to distribute this information and guide you on the best practices to publish, but you and your colleagues know the nature of your business better than anyone.

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