Getting seen on Google: PPC vs Organic SEO

11/12/2014 06:10:00 am Bevan Givens 9 Comments

We all know that Google provides users with the best search returns, this is why they are the markets leaders, with over 6 billion searches everyday. Let us dispel some myths and spread light on the best approach to improve your Google search ranking and increase sales.

There are two ways to make your website visible, Pay Per Click (PPC) or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

To ensure prime position for your website, Google published SEO guidelines, for web designers and developers to follow. To ensure a level playing field for any size of business, allowing small businesses to thrive alongside large budget strong conglomerates. This is in their favour, as it invites more website development, users and in turn better search results, whilst bolstering the necessity of their PPC platform Adwords.

Approximately 95% of users will click upon the organic search returns to get to the website of choice, though most of these users tend to be browsing; showing interest, but not directly looking to buy. Where as most people clicking on the advertisements are in 'buying mode', therefore you should consider the correct use for both approaches.

Advertising via Adwords will not directly affect your search ranking, though it will increase your visible presence.

Why does my competitor rank higher than me on Google?

Google has a mathematical formula that dictates the position of a website, called an algorithm. This is not published, though the aforementioned guidelines indicate to the importance of the required elements within every development. Adhering to these will guarantee results, with ongoing updates and relevant content additions your website will flourish. The algorithm changes continuously, to allow for market fluctuations and browsing habits. Consider these upgrades and and apply changes to to your website with each introduction. Periodical SEO exercises are a must, your competitors are doing it, so must you.

PPC, is it for me?

Every business is different with its own unique selling point, therefore marketing correctly is key. PPC is not for everyone, but should be considered by those that are new to the market. It is the ideal way to push direct sales via e-commerce websites. Conversions can be tracked to analyse productivity, allowing you the insight needed to forecast the success of future marketing campaigns.

The Web Design Shop can guide you through this minefield, contact us for an informal chat about your future web development plans.

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