Blogging, how will it benefit your business?

11/27/2014 03:20:00 am Bevan Givens 0 Comments

Blogging, isn't that something that kids do? Certainly not, maintaining an active domain integrated blog is necessary if you wish to assert your dominance upon your market. Here are the reasons why;

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - 

Search engines favour fresh content. There is no better to way to continuously update your website's content than with a domain integrated blog.  This allows Google to index more of those all important keywords whilst increasing the body of content connected to your website.

Blogger posts are the fastest to be indexed by Google, over Wordpress. This is important as your posts can be reactive content to recent developments in your field, that ought to be searchable in good time. If that news is not indexed for days, it will become old news, therefore not as relevant.

Establish new customer relationships - 

Blogs allow you to converse with clients, by allowing them to leave comments on your posts.

Blogger restricts comments, by only allowing those with Google accounts to leave comments, whereas users can leave comments on Wordpress blogs just with an email address. Though have relationships with Google account users is beneficial, because it can increase your connectivity through Google social platform Google+, where they can leave reviews on your company page, which will increase your visibility on search engine results pages (SERPS).

Stand out from the crowd - 

Providing an informative blog that that provides expert opinions and insight into you business practices, with evidence to back up those claims, will improve hits. You will become a source of information, not just a business on the hard sell, that shows transparency and will gain the trust of your readers. This indirect approach will increase visibility and in turn bolster sales enquiries. 

Social Reach -

Blog allows users to share your content across many social platforms with ease. This will increase links back to your website so expanding your coverage.

Geotagging - 

Both platforms, Wordpress and Blogger, allow you to tag a post with a particular location. This is great when news is specific to a location, i.e. an upcoming event, and can also help coverage of a subject matter within a catchment area, i.e. allowing you to target the information to a certain town.

In Conclusion - 

Both platforms have their merits, though we favour Blogger, because of its close relationship with Google (who have owned the platform since 2003). Also, it can be integrated into our website developement projects with ease as it's html and css editing capability are less restricted than Wordpress. This allows us to seamlessly style the looks to replicate that of your website, making it appear as one.

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