Remarketing - what it is and why you should seriously consider investing

Once someone has visited your site, you know they're interested in what you have to offer. But they may forget about you or be distracted by competitors. To remind them of the brilliant services or products you offer, you can use the remarketing marketing strategy. Using Google AdWords, you can create engaging and informative ads, with the option to include images and lightboxes, that will display on websites which rent space to Google. So once a visitor has left your site, when they visit such a site, your ad will appear reminding them about you and you could even pique their interest by advertising special offers and other incentives.

Just recently Google introduced cross-device remarketing meaning that your ad can be displayed to site visitors on any device they may use. SEO Journal gives the following example to illustrate this new feature:

“Let’s say you’re a retailer and want to build a customized Halloween campaign. With cross-device remarketing, you can reach your customers with an “It’s almost Halloween” ad on their phone during the morning commute. Later in the day, you can follow up with a limited time offer on decorations and recipes when they’re browsing a tablet at home.”


The following diagram further helps explain how remarketing works:

Remarketing concept diagram


Is your website running slow? Upgrade from HDD to SSD Hosting.

Unsatisfied with the speed of your website? Opt for SSD hosting for a 300% faster web hosting speed compared to standard HDD hosting.

So what is SSD hosting, how does it differ from HDD and why is it so much faster?

A HDD (hard disk drive) is the standard drive most commonly used for web hosting. It is made up of electromechanical spinning components which store data permanently. However, the spinning mechanism that makes up a HDD results in a delay when loading a website as the motion and retrieval of the relevant information is not instant, but rather takes a little time.

A SSD (solid state drive), on the other hand, is made up of flash memory chips able to store data even in the absence of power and it has no moving components. Therefore no mechanical movement is necessary when retrieving data resulting in a much faster speed for your website.

AdWords PPC marketing for your business - a match made in heaven?

Here at The Web Design Shop we pride ouselves on providing effective counsel to our customers on optimising their online presence, allowing them to thrive in their market.

One such method we frequently recommend to our clients, is the use of PPC (Pay Per Click Marketing) to enhance their online presence. PPC marketing involves creating internet ads with the purpose of driving traffic to your site. These ads are published by third parties providing this service and you only pay when your ad is clicked on.

As certified Google Partners, we opt to use Google AdWords as our primary location for ads to be published.

The perks of PHP

For the last few months I have been learning PHP as this is our back-end programming language of choice. But, naturally, I got thinking why do we use PHP? Especially because during my search for an apprenticeship the vast majority of web developer roles required the use of other languages. But through research and consulting with my seniors I have come to understand and appreciate why PHP surpasses its competitors and is the go to server-side programming language. Here I will share a selection of the information I found out.

First and foremost, PHP is the most widely used server-side programming language when it comes to developing websites; with over 82% of websites using PHP as of 23 May 2016.

A very important and useful feature of PHP is that, unlike many of its competitors, it is open source which means that help and support is easily available, free of charge and of a high quality as competent programmers share their expertise on forums such as Stack Overflow.

PHP also requires fewer lines of code in order to perform complex tasks than rival languages. Furthermore, PHP is interpreted at the server so changes are immediate and promptly viewable unlike other languages which require compilation following every modification before changes are visible. Both these advantages mean time is saved on development and hence costs are substantially lower than alternative languages.

So there you have it, that's why PHP is so great and why opt to use it for all our projects. We use PHP to create bespoke CMS websites, business applications and even WordPress sites are written in PHP!

Hello World!

Hi, let me introduce myself, my name's Asad and I have recently started an apprenticeship with The Web Design Shop.

I am working as a Junior Web Developer and have already had the chance to get involved in some really interesting and enjoyable projects.

I have completed a variety of tasks from content population and image editing to researching e-commerce solutions for a client in Old Amersham. I have also assisted in the creation of a logo for the website of a psychotherapist based on Little Chalfont. This allowed me to observe and understand the process of creating a logo from start to end and allowed me to understand how best to use Adobe Illustrator, especially when creating a logo.

Most recently, I have been tasked with improving SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) on a Chesham-based domestic cleaning company's website by updating content and making sure it contains key words and phrases that people are likely to search, when looking for such a service. The key is to maintain readability, as Google algorithms are extremely intelligent and can spot haphazard keyword insertion. A truly rewarding exercise!